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If a legal document was an animal, what sort of animal would it be?
... a zebra!

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Australian Legal Will Doc Cover Page

Make a Power of Attorney in New South Wales or Victoria.
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Enduring Power of Attorney (NSW) NEW SOUTH WALES_Page_01
Enduring Power of Attorney VICTORIA (VIC)
Enduring Power of Attorney (Medical) Victoria Doc 6675 FORM TM 6676IMAGE_Page_1

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Everything is so simple to use and implement.

This has taken my business to a whole new professional level without having to hire a lawyer!

I highly recommend Legal Zebra.

Emma Maidment Yoga Teacher & Communications and Marketing Consultant


Whether you are hiring employees or contractors, get your agreements in black and white. 

Non Compete Deed For An Employee Doc 8794 DIY FORM TM 8796-1
Agreement for Consulting Services Doc No 6464 FORM_Page_1
Independent Contractor Agreement Doc 8662 DIY FORM TM 8664_Page_1 Template


Finally, legal templates that make it easy to sign up customers and get the deal right with suppliers. 

Account Application Form Doc 6678 FORM TM 6684_Page_1
Personal Guarantee of Company's Obligations Doc 7804 TM 7806_Page_1
Terms and Conditions for Wholesale Supply of Goods (One Page) SAMPLE 6656 TM 6723IMAGE_Page_1
Sponsorship Agreement Doc 6777 FORM TM 6801IMAGE_Page_1

A revelation! The gold standard in simple, secure, legal documentation. So pleased I will never have to go back to exorbitant fees and haughty service.

Guy Taylor Director, Tourism Tasmania


Minimise disputes between business owners with effective partnership and shareholder agreements.

Shareholders' Agreement Cover Page
Deed of Adherence to Shareholders Agreement - Cover page for template
Minutes of Director's Meeting FORM in Word and PDF
Cover page for Minutes of Meeting of Trustee Template
loan agreement template


More easy to use Legal Zebra Templates to put your business deals in black & white instantly, without a lawyer.

Confidentiality Agreement (One party disclosing) Doc 5497 TM 5497_Page_1
Confidentiality Agreement (Mutual Disclosure) TM 5987_Page_1 Template
Agreement For A Right of First Refusal TM 8800 DIY Form TM 8801_Page_1
Cover Page for Deed of Assignment of Intellectual Property DocPage_1
Cover Page for Deed of Assignment of Intellectual Property DocPage_1
Deed of Substitution of Trustee Template Cover Page
Rent Relief Agreement (Victoria)