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Write a Consulting Contract better than a lawyer

Get started completely FREE by downloading Legal Zebra's Sample Consulting Agreement Template. Happy with the Free Sample? Download the full template and save on lawyer's fees and legal mumbo jumbo.

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Easy to use

Easy to Use

It's easy to make a Consulting Agreement with Legal Zebra's Template. The drafting is in simple black and white language. It's more than just an example Consulting Agreement, it's a fully customisable interactive document with detailed tips and instructions.

Legally Binding

Legally Binding

Because the Template helps you write a legally binding Agreement yourself, unless the arrangements are highly complex, in most cases you won't need to see a lawyer.

Unlimited Edits

Unlimited Edits

Want to change something in the Consulting Agreement? No problem. You can make as many changes as you need. The Microsoft Word version is fully editable so you can amend the document as you wish and even insert your own logo.

Latest update

Latest Update (2022)

The Consultant Agreement template is up to date and effective throughout Australia.


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Its Sunday! Yet I received everything I needed immediately and had a question answered by return email.

Documents have very easy to follow instructions, the whole service was delightful to use and cost effective.

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Who is this Consulting Agreement template for?

Contract with a photographer

I get hired to do occasional photo shoots. I work as an independent contractor and want a simple booking agreement that spells out my duties and ensures I get paid.

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Professional Writer Agreement Template

As a Writer, I need a simple agreement with my clients setting out my charges, payment terms, etc, for my consulting gigs.

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Template agreement with a web development consultant

I am employing a consultant to do some work on our website. I want to make it clear that we will own the intellectual property and he will keep our customer list confidential.

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Checklist - What's in the Consulting Agreement Template?

The template covers all the main provisions required for a comprehensive agreement with a consultant, and none of the unnecessary "legal-gumpf" you'll find in many other documents:

General legal tips
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Plus, you'll get easy to follow tips and examples to help you confidently turn your template into a legal document, customised for your requirements.

Payment terms
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State when payment is required. For example, it could be weekly, monthly or let's say 7 days after a job is completed and invoiced. Oh, and by the way, are you paying in cash or crypto?

Easily add your own terms
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You can add to or vary the standard Agreement Terms with your own special conditions or changes to the agreement.

Consultant's details
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You can include the details of the Service Provider, either a company or an individual, and also the name(s) of the Individual Service Provider who will actually do the work.

Services, hours, locations and fees
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Specify the services, when and where they will be provided and how much they will cost.

IP ownership
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This consulting agreement states that the Service Provider assigns intellectual property to the Service Recipient. This means if you hire someone, you will own the rights in the material they develop for you.

Independent Contractor status
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The contract clarifies that the Service Provider is an independent contractor (not an employee) and therefore responsible for paying all taxes, superannuation and workers’ compensation.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Why a written Consulting Agreement is important?
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A Consulting Agreement (or Independent Contractor Agreement) is a legal contract that sets out the terms on which someone is engaged to perform work independently rather than as an employee.

A consultant or independent contractor is not entitled to employee benefits such as annual leave and sick leave so businesses often find it simpler to engage them on this basis and pay a single fee to the contractor/consultant which covers all of the costs for their services.

If you are a contractor, you should put an Independent Contractor Agreement in black & white and ask your client to sign it. It will help you get paid and protect your rights.

Likewise, if you’re hiring a contractor/consultant rather an employee, make sure you get the contract in writing.

A written Consulting Agreement that's in black & white and clearly states the responsibilities of each party will minimise the risk of disputes. And, help you get on with business... avoid lawyers... and stay out of Court.

When to Legal Zebra's template to write your own Consulting Agreement?
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This Consulting Agreement Template can be used for most service providers such as web developers, writers, salespeople and other people who charge for their time.

It is fair for both parties. Therefore, you can make use of this document whether you are the consultant providing the services, or the business hiring a consultant.

You can use this Template to put a basic legally binding Consulting Agreement in place, instantly.

The Legal Zebra Consulting Agreement Template is up to date and suitable for use in all States and Territories of Australia including:

New South Wales (NSW)

  • Victoria (Vic)
  • Queensland (Qld)
  • South Australia (SA)
  • Australian Capital Territory (ACT)
  • Western Australia (WA)
  • South Australia (SA)
  • Northern Territory (NT) and
  • Tasmania (Tas).

Many people outside Australia are also using this Consulting Agreement Template because it's so well drafted and easy to use.

When to get a lawyer to help with your Consulting Agreement?
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If your Consulting Agreement is complex, or the transaction has substantial value, you should seek personalised advice from a lawyer.


Be black & white about it. Have a clear Consulting Agreement to stay out of Court ...


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Get a lawyer to help with your Consulting Agreement

I created this unique Consulting Agreement Template because I want to make professional legal protection accessible to every day Australians.

For years, I worked in big law firms on Collins Street in Melbourne and it struck me as unfair that only the rich could access our services.

Legal Aid only helps people with criminal matters and the Australian Government doesn't provide any support to small business for their commercial legal matters.

Partners in big law firms charge upwards of $650 per hour and even junior lawyers and smaller law firms aren't affordable for the average Australian.

I want you to have access to a high quality documents. The do-it-yourself (DIY) Legal Zebra Consulting Agreement is very affordable, even if you're just getting started with your business and on a budget.

You can engage my services if you need help preparing a more customised agreement for your consulting business.

Mr Shanti Rubens B.Com LLB

Lawyer, Legal Zebra
60 Days Guarantee

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

We expect you'll be happy with Legal Zebra's Consulting Agreement. It's easy to use (clear and concise, without any legal mumbo jumbo) and will assist you to create a binding agreement, without any fuss.

However, if the Consulting Agreement Template is not right for you then simply email me to claim a 100% money back refund at any time within 60 days of the date of your purchase.


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