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Our Loan Agreement Template works like magic, without a lawyer

With our downloadable Loan Agreement, you can get your loan in black & white instantly.

Easy to use

Easy to Use

The Legal Zebra Template guides you through the process, so you can confidently secure repayment of your loan with a formal, yet easy to follow, Agreement.

Legally Binding

Legally Binding

You'll avoid "legal overwhelm" and lawyer's fees and you'll sure-up the loan with a binding Agreement in place.

Unlimited Edits

Unlimited Edits

We supply the Loan Agreement template in both Word and PDF formats so you can be sure it works on all devices, including Mac and PC, and make as many changes as you need when using the Word version.

Latest update

Latest Update (2022)

The Agreement template is up to date and effective throughout Australia.


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Legal Zebra was a great tool for exactly what I needed!

The will was very quick and easy, and when I had billing issues, they were resolved very quickly! <br>

Customer service is flawless. Thanks Shanti!

Beth Davies

What a great platform! As a small business owner I needed 1 or 2 documents and these were all easily accessible, affordable and made sense without any legal jargon! Thank you for a great service offering.

Natalie Hogan

This is a great platform, extremely affordable and a simple process. The service could not be more efficient. Thank you Shanti!

Alana Luck

Legal Zebra was a great tool for exactly what I needed!

The will was very quick and easy, and when I had billing issues, they were resolved very quickly! <br>

Customer service is flawless. Thanks Shanti!

Beth Davies


Who is this Loan Agreement template for?

Loan agreement between friends

Bob wants to loan some money to his old mate Rob who needs some extra money to buy a house. They sign a simple Loan Agreement to ensure the terms of the loan are clear and it won't damage the friendship. Since Bob is not taking security over Rob's property, the Loan Agreement from Legal Zebra is suitable.

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Loan agreement between family members

"I am lending money to my son to help him buy a house. I want to make sure he pays it back." Yes, you can use the Legal Zebra template to record this loan.

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Company loan and personal guarantee

"I am lending money to a company but I’m worried they might go broke. The directors have promised me they’ll repay the loan anyway." You're in luck! The template loan agreement has you covered with provision to include a personal guarantee from the directors.

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Download our full Word & PDF Templates to make your Loan Agreement now! $27


Checklist: What's in this Loan Agreement Template?

Legal Zebra's concise yet comprehensive Loan Agreement covers all these key provisions written in simple language.

General legal tips
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Plus, you'll get easy to follow tips and examples to help you confidently turn your template into a legal document, customised for your requirements.

Loan amount
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Specify the principal amount of the loan, as well as when the lender will advanced this amount to the borrower.

Interest payments
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State the basic interest rate on the loan and the frequency of payments (e.g. quarterly). You can also set a higher default interest rate which applies if the borrower doesn't pay on time.

Repayment terms
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Include the repayment date(s) when the borrower must repay the loan. Eg, this could be in two year's time or when they sell their house.

Personal guarantee
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Provision for a guarantor to repay the loan in case the borrower defaults.

Early repayments
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You can tick a box in the Loan Agreement to say whether the borrower can repay the loan early (and avoid more interest payments) or not.

Easily add your own terms
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You can add to or vary the standard Agreement Terms with your own special conditions or changes to the agreement.

Governing law for resolving Agreement disputes
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You choose the applicable law if there is a dispute. For example, choose "the laws of NSW" if you live there so you won't have to travel to another state if there is a dispute about the agreement.


Try a Free Sample or download the complete Word & PDF Loan Agreement files instantly for only $27.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why does it help to have a written Loan Agreement?
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Whenever you lend money, you should put a loan agreement in black & white and ask the borrower to sign it. It will help you get repaid.

A loan agreement can be used where you promise to lend someone (the borrower) money in the future or to acknowledge a loan you've already made.

Likewise, if you’re asking for a loan, you can offer to sign a Loan Agreement to help the lender feel secure about advancing you money.

If money is advanced without a loan agreement you could easily find yourself in a dispute about:

- whether the money was intended as a gift

- if and when it needs to be repaid or

- if and when interest is payable.

When to use Legal Zebra's Loan Agreement Template
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This Loan Agreement Template is intended for a business or personal loan between family and friends.

You can use Legal Zebra's downloadable Template to put a basic legally binding Loan Agreement in place, instantly.

Yes, this template is generally suitable if you are a lender and want to provide an agreement to the borrower (such as a business or family member).

​Likewise, this template may be used by a borrower who is seeking a loan. You can give this Loan Agreement to your financier to have the deal signed quickly.

The Legal Zebra Loan Agreement Template is up to date and suitable for use in all States and Territories of Australia including NSW, VIC, ACT, WA, SA, NT, Tasmania and Queensland. Many people outside Australia also use this document because it's so easy to use.

Get a lawyer to write your loan agreement when...
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So, you are putting a loan agreement in place and not sure whether you can do it alone (with a template) or it is worth engaging a lawyer to help.

We generally recommend that you seek professional advice from a lawyer if:

  • your loan arrangements are complicated;
  • you are lending a substantial amount of money; or
  • you expect there is a real risk the borrower may default on the loan.

A lawyer can help you:

  • to ensure the loan agreement is correctly drafted for your circumstances;
  • to secure any property offered as security for the loan;
  • conduct checks on the borrower and any property they own; and
  • ascertain what other liabilities the borrower may have, as these could affect whether someone else is entitled to priority repayment.


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I‘ve made this Loan Agreement Template easy to fill-in and understand. It’s designed so you can get your Agreement in black & white without seeing a lawyer.

The Loan Agreement Template is professionally drafted and easy to use. It's based on my real world experience, advising both borrowers and lenders in finance transactions.

You can contact me if you have questions or would like professional assistance customising the basic Loan Agreement Template to suit your requirements.

Or, perhaps you need assistance securing real estate or other property that it is offered as security for the loan. Whatever, the case, I can help...

Mr Shanti Rubens B.Com LLB

Lawyer, Legal Zebra
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