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Put your Ts and Cs in black & white, without a fuss

With our downloadable Terms & Conditions for Wholesale Supply of Goods, you can get your agreement in black & white instantly.

Easy to use

Easy to Use

The Legal Zebra Template guides you through the process, so you can confidently prepare your Wholesale Terms & Conditions with a formal, yet easy to follow, one page document.

Legally Binding

Legally Binding

You'll avoid "legal overwhelm" and lawyer's fees and sure-up the relationship with your customers with binding Terms & Conditions.

Unlimited Edits

Unlimited Edits

Want to change something in the Terms & Conditions for Wholesale Supply of Goods? No problem. You can make as many changes as you need. The Microsoft Word version is fully editable so you can amend the document as you wish. You can insert your own logo in both the Word and Interactive PDF versions.

Latest update

Latest Update (2022)

The template we use to generate your customised Legal Form is up to date (as at 2022) and effective throughout Australia.


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Which businesses are these Ts and Cs for?

Wholesale Supplier of electrical cabling to other businesses

"We supply electrical cables on a wholesale basis and direct to electricians. We don't sell directly to the public. We want to make sure we get paid on time and if our customers go broker we can get our goods back." <br><br>

Yes, Legal Zebra's Terms and Conditions template is suitable for this business.

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Wholesale Supplier of clothing and fashion products

We manufacture women's clothing and fashion accessories. We then sell these to boutiques in Australia.

We just want a simple one-pager to send out with our invoices ,and include with our account application form, that covers our terms and conditions--things like payment and delivery terms.

Can we use this template?

Absolutely. The Legal Zebra template fits on one page and will fit your requirements.

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A business supplying pool chemicals to pool cleaning businesses

We sell chemicals for pool cleaining. We only sell to pool cleaners and not directly to mums and dad pool owners. We offer credit for our regular customers and collect payment monthly. In case someone doesn't want to pay us, we need a document to be able to go after them.

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Download our full Word & PDF Templates to make your Wholesale Terms & Conditions now! $47


Checklist - What's covered in the Wholesale Ts and Cs Template?

This professionally drafted document cover the key terms and conditions for wholesale trading. This inculdes:

General legal tips
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Plus, you'll get easy to follow tips and examples to help you confidently turn your template into a legal document, customised for your requirements.

Get paid on time!
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Want payment 30, 60 or 90 days after delivery and invoice? Specify your payment terms in your Terms & Conditions.

Charge interest on late payments
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Give yourself the right to charge interest on late payments. This will encourage your customers to pay you on time.

Limit the return of goods
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If you only accept returns for a limited time, you can specify this. For example, "14 days after delivery".

Limit your liability
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Limit your liability to customers for problems with the goods you supply and minimise the potential for costly legal claims.

Retain title until paid
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This document gives you a security interest (like retention of title) in your goods so you continue to own them (or the proceeds of sale) until you get paid. You can register this interest on the Personal Property Securities Register in Australia.

Secure your interest on the PPSR
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This document will give you a formal security interest in your goods that you can register on the Personal Property Securities Register. Visit https://www.ppsr.gov.au/ to learn more.

And more... to cover all the key Ts and Cs
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✅ Yes, tick! This one page document packs in all the key Ts and Cs in a tight, concise format.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Why You Need Ts & Cs For Your Wholesale Business in Australia?
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When you are selling a product you have the price advertised in neon lights (or in your price list). Then, the shipping costs down the bottom of the page. But what about the other 10 to 15 key points that are important to the sale? Like, what happens if you don't get paid? Or, if the customer wants to cancel an order or return the goods? What if the goods are defective? What's the seller's liability?

That's where the Terms and Conditions come in. These are the general over arching rules for a supply arrangement. They cover the legal rights and obligations between a buyer and seller. That is, beyond the key terms such as price and quantity.

In a real world setting, you can expect to find Terms & Conditions printed on the back of an invoice. In the virtual world of ecommerce, these will live on a page on the seller's website.

When you are wholesaling, you'll need a special set of terms and conditions. This is because the issues are different from a retail sale. The main difference being that customer's will often pay on credit and you need to ensure you get paid.

If you are supplying products on a wholesale basis, you should require your customers to accept your terms and conditions so you can ensure you are protected.

Specifically, your terms and conditions should give you the right to retain ownership in your products until you are paid in full, charge interest on late payments and limit your liability.

You can also make sure that any disputes about the product you are supplying are dealt with in your jurisdiction. That is, by the Courts in the State or Territory of Australia where your business is based. Otherwise, you could be forced to spend money defending a legal action on the other side of the country.

Moreover, well drafted terms and conditions will set out your expectations of your customers and minimise the risk of disputes, so you can get on with business and make more money with less hassle.

Australia has recently updated its laws such as the Australian Consumer Laws and Unfair Contracts legislation. If you are using outdated terms and conditions (or worse still terms you copied from another wholesaler or a foreign company) your business will likely be in breach of the law.

You should act now to ensure you comply with current Australian laws. Our Terms and Conditions Template for a Wholesale Supplier is update to date.

Where and when to use Legal Zebra's Terms and Conditions template
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This terms and conditions template can be used for most Australian suppliers who either sell their products:

- on a wholesale basis. That is, to a customer who re-sells them; or

- on a business-to-business (B2B) basis. That is, to another business, rather than to an end user who is an individual consumer who doesn't operate a business.

Yes, Australian suppliers can also use this template when they sell to customers who are located outside of Austraila.

What if you're not wholesaling?
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Your Wholesale Terms & Conditions will clarify expectations and minimise the risk of disputes, so you can get on with business and make more money with less hassle.


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Need help with Your Ts and Cs?

To be or not to B-2-B! I'm not Shakespeare but I can help you write a good contract for your B2B or wholesale business.

I‘ve made this Terms & Conditions for Wholesale Supply of Goods Template easy to fill-in and understand. It’s designed so you can get your agreement with customers in black & white without seeing a lawyer.

But, be sure to contact me if you have questions or would like professional assistance customising the basic Terms & Conditions Template to suit your requirements.

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