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Our contractor agreement works like magic, without a lawyer

With our downloadable Independent Contractor Agreement, you can get your contract in black & white in 10 minutes or less.

Easy to use

Easy to Use

The Legal Zebra Template guides you through the process, so you can confidently secure your business with a Contractor Agreement.

Legally Binding

Legally Binding

You'll avoid "legal overwhelm" and lawyer's fees and sure-up the contractor relationship with a binding Agreement in place.

Unlimited Edits

Unlimited Edits

Want to makes edits to your Independent Contractor Agreement? Fortunately, the Microsoft Word version is fully editable so you can amend the document as you and your contractor require.

Latest update

Latest Update (2022)

The Agreement template is up to date and effective throughout Australia.


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So glad I found Legal Zebra. I found the exact template I needed for our business, and also a few others I didn't know I needed. Great website, easy to navigate. In a few minutes I had a straight forward, easy to understand and apply legally binding document ready to go. Thank you Shanti and the team at Legal Zebra

Marisa Lo Certo

Great service, very easy to use and very affordable. Shanti is also very responsive adding the security that you have a qualified solicitor on hand when your affairs become more complex. Very happy to recommend this.

Stephanie Pravaz

Very user friendly.

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Its Sunday! Yet I received everything I needed immediately and had a question answered by return email.

Documents have very easy to follow instructions, the whole service was delightful to use and cost effective.

Thank you. Full recommendation from me.

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Who is this Independent Contractor Agreement template for?

Contractor Agreement with a web developer

You are employing a guy to do some work on your website. You want to make it clear that you'll own the intellectual property and the contractor will keep your customer list confidential. Yes, our template has you covered for these things and more...

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Professional writer offering services as a Contractor

As a writer, I need a simple agreement with my clients setting out my charges, payment terms, etc. Easy! Legal Zebra's template will set up your agreement in a matter of minutes. Your clients will be jumping over themselves to sign you up, when they see how well written your agreement is. ๐Ÿ‘ฉ๐Ÿฝโ€๐Ÿ’ป ๐Ÿ˜

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Contract with a photographer

I get hired to do occasional photo shoots. I work as an independent contractor and want a simple booking agreement that spells out what I'll do and ensures I get paid. You're in luck! You can use our easy-to-complete Contractor Agreement to get a professional looking contract in place with your clients in no time--well, in a matter of minutes. ๐Ÿ“ธ

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Checklist for an Independent Contractor Agreement

Rest assured, Legal Zebra's beautifully concise Contractor Agreement covers all these key points... without the wordy waffle (you've come to despise from Ye Olde Worlde Lawyers).

General legal tips
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Plus, you'll get easy to follow tips and examples to help you confidently turn your template into a legal document, customised for your requirements.

Contractor's details
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You can include the details of the Service Provider, either a company or an individual, and also the name(s) of the Individual Service Provider who will actually do the work.

Services to be provided
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Outline the services the Service Provider is required to provide under the Contract. Is it simply showing up looking good in a suit each day? Weaving baskets, taking photos, delivering software magic or, perhaps, managing the neighbour's angry dog who won't stop barking? You decide!

Payment terms
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State when payment is required. For example, it could be weekly, monthly or let's say 7 days after a job is completed and invoiced. Oh, and by the way, are you paying in cash or crypto?

Charges for the Contractor's work
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Specify the fees and charges the Service Recipient is required to pay to the Service Provider.

Where and when the Contractor will work
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Specify the work location and hours the Contractor will work. This is optional, often a Contractor (aka, Service Provider) will operate from home during their own hours. If that's the case, you can leave this bit out. In other cases, it's all important that they show up at East Bu%$ F@#! on time and good to go, Monday morning at 9 am sharp! There's a space in the template for that if you need it.

IP Ownership
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The template makes it clear that the Service Provider assigns intellectual property to the Service Recipient. Here goes with subtitles: That means, if you hire someone, you will own the IP rights in the materials they develop for you.

Independent contractor status
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The document states the Service Provider is an independent contractor (not an employee) and therefore responsible for paying all taxes, superannuation and workersโ€™ compensation. This is intended to cover you in case the person you've hired hits you up for employee extras (like holiday pay or free staff lunches) that weren't part of the deal.

And more... for a complete Contractor Agreement
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โœ… Yes, tick! This comprehensive Contractor Agreement contains all of the key points for a solid agreement.

Governing law for resolving Agreement disputes
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You choose the applicable law if there is a dispute. For example, choose "the laws of NSW" if you live there so you won't have to travel to another state if there is a dispute about the agreement.


Try a Free Sample or download the complete Word & PDF Contractor Agreement files instantly for only $27.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Independent Contractor Agreement and why do I need one?
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An Independent Contractor Agreement is a document used to engage staff who are "independent" in the sense that they are not employees.

Contractors run their own business and as such they are generally responsible for paying their own tax, super and other entitlements and fall outside of the requirements that apply to employees. For example, they don't earn holiday pay or operate under the direction of an employer.

An "independent contractor" is often simply called a "contractor", for short. The agreement with a contractor is therefore called a Contractor Agreement rather than an Independent Contractor Agreement.

If you are a contractor, you should put an Independent Contractor Agreement in black & white and ask your client to sign it. It will help you get paid and protect your rights.

Likewise, if youโ€™re hiring a contractor, make sure you get the agreement in writing to clearly set out expectations and clarify that you not responsible for employment type obligations like annual leave and sick pay.

When to use Legal Zebra's template Independent Contractor Agreement?
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Use this template to engage contractors in NSW, Victoria, ACT, WA, SA, NT, Tasmania and Queensland. Or, for overseas contractors where you want the arrangement covered by Australian law.

This Independent Contractor Agreement Template can be used for most service providers such as web developers, writers, salespeople and other people who charge for their time.

When to get legal advice on your contractor agreement
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Use this template to engage contractors in NSW, Victoria, ACT, WA, SA, NT, Tasmania and Queensland. Or, for overseas contractors where you want the arrangement covered by Australian law.

This Independent Contractor Agreement Template can be used for most service providers such as web developers, writers, salespeople and other people who charge for their time.


Your Contractor Agreement will clarify expectations and minimise the risk of disputes, so you can get on with business and make more money with less hassle.


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Want a hand writing your Independent Contractor Agreement?

This Independent Contractor Agreement Template is very easy to fill-in and understand. Therefore, generally, you can put your contract in black & white without the help of a lawyer. I'm available to support you as a customer, without further charge, if you have a quick question about filling in the template.

I offer my professional services where you need more robust assistance. This might suit you for:

  • a high value contract
  • complex projects where a contractor is delivering to a timeline
  • curly intellectual property issues, clarifying who owns what
  • back-to-back contracts involving subcontractors.

I have many years of experience advising on these sorts of matters and crafting bespoke contractor agreements for my clients. Pick up the phone if you want help. I'm approachable. ๐Ÿค

Mr Shanti Rubens B.Com LLB

Lawyer, Legal Zebra
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I'm so certain you'll be thrilled with Legal Zebra's Independent Contractor Agreement Template because it's super easy to use (clear and concise, without any legal mumbo jumbo) and highly adaptable for most contractor requirements of an Australian business.

If this Template doesn't give you everything you need to make your Contractor Agreement in minutes, not hours, and save you spending hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on a lawyer, then contact us within 60 days of purchase. We'll give you a 100% of your money back. Try it! The risk is on us.


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