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Make your Will online, it's faster and easier

At Legal Zebra we use the latest technology to deliver you an instant cost effective service. Our template for generating your customised Legal Will is based on over 20 years of end-of-life planning experience, working with families across Australia.

You enter your details in our online form. We use these to create a Will for you. It's written in clear and simple language.

Easy to use

Easy to Use

Our online Will system includes video instructions to guide you step-by-step through the process of making a legally binding Will (known as your Last Will & Testament). With Legal Zebra, there's no legal mumbo jumbo... it's all in black and white.

Legally Binding

Legally Binding

Because we help you create a personalised, legally binding Will, in most cases, you won't need to visit a lawyer. This saves time and money and gives you and your loved-ones peace of mind.

Unlimited Edits

Unlimited Edits

Changed your mind about something in your Will? No worries! You can make as many changes as you need to get your Will right.

Latest update

Latest Update (2022)

The template we use to generate your customised Legal Will is up to date and effective throughout Australia.


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Its Sunday! Yet I received everything I needed immediately and had a question answered by return email.

Documents have very easy to follow instructions, the whole service was delightful to use and cost effective.

Thank you. Full recommendation from me.

Wendy Carr

I highly recommend the Legal Zebra Will services. Affordable and Easy to deal with

Jose Vipinosa

The whole process was quick and easy. One of the other online wills I tried mixed up which state I lived in, and the will was confusing regarding my wishes. The legal Zebra product was concise and written in easy to understand english. Thank your.

Rod Hawkes

I highly recommend the Legal Zebra Will services. Affordable and Easy to deal with

Jose Vipinosa


Who is Legal Zebra's online Will Kit for?

Legal will for a single mum or dad with kids

I am a widow, without a lot of money, and want to give my assets to my four children equally when I die. I also want to make sure if any of my kids die before me that their children (my grandchildren) will inherit their share. Plus I want to make a gift to charity. My kids will be really proud to know that I've done my Will online (from my iPad) without wasting money on a lawyer.

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Will for a married couple with kids

I want to give the house and my other assets to my wife when I die, or if she dies before me, then to our kids. I don’t want to muck around with lawyers. I want to make my will online today before my operation and I need to make sure it's legal and "legit".

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Will for a single person without children

I don’t have any kids but I want to make a Will because I bought a house. I just want to leave everything to my parents and my brothers and sisters when I die. I'm rushing to pack for my overseas trip so I want to make an online Will quickly and conveniently before I leave today.

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Checklist: What's covered in Legal Zebra's Online Will

Legal Zebra's online Australian Legal Will Kit covers the important things you need to include in your Will:

Gifts to your inheritors
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Decide how you want to divide up your estate between your inheritors. You can gift specific items or give each inheritor a percentage of your estate—or a combination of both.

Your primary and substitute inheritors
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Specify who will inherit your estate if one or your inheritors dies before you (e.g. your son’s share goes to your grandchildren if he dies before you).

Your backup inheritors
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Specify who will inherit your estate if all of your primary and substitute inheritors die before you (e.g. give your estate to your brother and sister if your children and your husband die before you).

Executors to manage your estate
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Appoint executors to manage your estate and administer the Will. You could give this power, for example, to your children.

Gifts to charity
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Easy option to make a gift to your favourite charity. You can bequest a specific amount or all of your estate if all of the inheritors you've named die before you.

A guardian for your children
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Name the guardian for any children you leave behind who are too young to take care of themselves (e.g. make your brother the guardian for your babies if both you and your husband die).

Your funeral plan
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In this online Will Kit, you will tell your family whether you would prefer to be buried or cremated and give special wishes for your funeral.

Helpful video guides
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Easy to follow tips and examples, presented by a lawyer on video, to help complete your Australian Legal Will Kit online with confidence.

Signing instructions
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Clear instructions are included with the Will document to make sure you and your two witnesses sign and date it correctly.

A send-off song
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Choose a song you want played at your funeral. This is optional.


Create your draft Legal Will completely free. Happy with it? Order a final version for only $17.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why every Australian should have a Legal Will!
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Here's why you need a Will!

A Will allows you to determine who will inherit your assets and deal with your legal affairs when you die. It makes the process of administering your estate fast and cost effective.

A Will is also known as a Last Will & Testament because it is the document where you have your last (or final) say on how you want your assets (such as a home, bank accounts and other property) distributed amongst your loved ones when you pass away.

Your family will thank you for securing your gifts to them (and avoiding family squabbles over your estate) by taking as little as 20 minutes to write your Will. On the other hand, if you die without a Will it will be much more costly for your family to provide that they are entitled to take control of your estate and your assets may fall into the wrong hands.

This Will Kit works wherever you are in Australia
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Yes, this secure online will system (the modern version of a will kit) can be used for most Australians with a simple estate.

Legal Zebra is an established and reputable service, creating wills online for thousands of happy customers throughout the Australia.

Rest assured, we will create your Will based on our up to date, professionally drafted Will Template. It's designed for use in all States and Territories of Australia. So, you can use this service to:

  • Make a Will in New South Wales (NSW)
  • Make a Will in Victoria (Vic)
  • Make a Will in Queensland (Qld)
  • Make a Will in South Australia (SA)
  • Make a Will in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT)
  • Make a Will in Western Australian (WA)
  • Make a Will in the Northern Territory (NT) or
  • Make a Will in Tasmania (Tas).
What to watch out for when writing your Will?
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Certain assets can't be passed on to your family or loved-ones by a Will. Therefore, you should make seperate plans to cover what happens to these when you pass away.

Common issues you should deal with as part of your estate plan, in addition to writing a Will, include:

  • tell your superannuation fund how you want them to deal with your superannuation benefits (by signing a binding death nomination form).
  • tell your life insurance provider how you want any benefits allocated.
  • make arrangements to pass on any family trusts you control.
  • consider whether property (eg, your family home) will automatically pass to your partner as a joint proprietor.

Creating a Will online, is not suitable for everyone. We recommend you seek personalised advice from a lawyer if:

  • you have complicated estate arrangements.
  • dementia or other health issues affect your capacity to make a Will.
  • there's a concern your children or partner may challenge your Will.
  • you have substantial assets including family trusts.

For these more complex cases, it is worthwhile to get professional advice.


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Need help with your Legal Will

I‘ve made the Australian Legal Will Kit easy to complete. It’s designed so you can put your Last Will in black & white without seeing a lawyer in person.

You will see me on video giving tips, as you complete the form. This is to help you make an accurate, binding Will.

The Will template used to generate your customised Legal Will is based on over 20 years of end-of-life planning experience I've gained, working with families across Australia.

I'm available to help you either:

  • with quick support with the do-it-yourself (DIY) Australian Legal Will Kit, or

  • if you are not confident to do it alone, I'll prepare a cost-effective custom Will to suit your requirements.

What's most important is that you get a Will in place to protect your family's inheritance and give you peace of mind.

Mr Shanti Rubens B.Com LLB

Lawyer, Legal Zebra
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60 Day Money Back Guarantee

We are confident you will absolutely love our easy-to-use Will Kit because it's regarded as the #1 Australian Legal Will Kit, with hundreds of 5 star-ratings from happy users.

If the Will Kit doesn't give you everything you need to make your Will online in minutes, not hours, and save you spending hundreds of dollars on a lawyer, then contact us within 60 days of purchase for a 100% money back refund.


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