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I've Made It So Simple, You Can Write Your Own Consulting Agreement
Just fill-in the blanks, Print and Save $1,000's in legal fees

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Mr Shanti Rubens

Image of Shanti Rubens, Lawyer

I've created this Consulting Agreement Template so you can prepare a binding Agreement for your Australian company without spending thousands of dollars on a lawyer.

The Template is professionally drafted and easy to use. It's based on my real world experience over the past 20 years, advising leading Australian businesses and law firms like these ....

You can contact me if you have questions or want professional assistance customising the Consulting Agreement to suit your business.


With Legal Zebra's unique Consulting Agreement Template, you can prepare your own Consulting Agreement online instantly.

The Template I've created for you is more than just an example Consulting Agreement, it's a fully customisable interactive template with detailed tips and instructions.

The Legal Zebra Template is in simple black and white language and makes it easy to write your own Consulting Agreement. And, if you want to ask a lawyer any questions about using the Template for your Consulting Agreement, I am here to help. 

You can get started completely FREE by downloading Legal Zebra's Sample Consulting Agreement Template.

Happy with the Free Sample? Create your Consulting Agreement right now and save on lawyer's fees and legal mumbo jumbo.

Read on, I'll show you what a #WorldWithoutLawyers looks like...


I recommend you start by downloading the FREE Sample Consulting Agreement. I'm proud of it. It's taken me weeks to draft and I don't want you to think about buying it until you click here >> and check it out first.

You're not going to miss anything critical buried towards the end of the document (like on page 37!) because instead of putting the important points at the back of the Agreement (which many lawyers do), you will see I have put the key details right at the start of the document.

So, you can get straight to the "meat and potatoes" of preparing your own Consulting Agreement without throwing your arms in the air, calling a lawyer and screaming "Help!!!"

I've made the general terms of the Consulting Agreement (at the back of the document) fair for both parties so you won't get bogged down in negotiations

Watch out! Lawyers often start with a very one sided document that the parties end up spending weeks or months negotiating and... well, you know how it ends?

The lawyers end up making lots of $$$$$$. 

You'll also see that I've taken the time to translate the legal gumpf you usually find in legal documents and put it in plain language you, and everyone who signs the document, will understand.

While the language is simple, the Agreement is still legally enforceable and the parties can rely on it in a Court of law

You know, lawyers used to charge by the word and that's why we still have a legacy of legal documents that are overly wordy. 

But it's not necessary for a Consulting Agreement to contain legal jargon in order to enforce it. 

In fact, it's easier to enforce a legal document in Court if it's clear and simple, because it's easier to prove the parties understood what they were signing. 

With that in mind, I've made the Consulting Agreement Template as simple as possible and packed my 20 years of legal experience into the drafting.

Of course, you will need to fill out the document correctly and ensure the parties sign it properly. Make sure you follow the signing instructions I've included in the Template.

Happy with the Free Sample?

Now, it's time to go ahead and buy the Consulting Agreement Template.


Emma Maidment Consulting Agreement

A fantastic resource for freelance consulting.

I have been blown away with the legal zebra experience.

Everything is so simple to use and implement.

The consulting agreement has taken my communications consulting business to a whole new professional level without having to hire a lawyer!

I highly recommend this product.

Emma Maidment Yoga Teacher & Communications and Marketing Consultant


I created this unique Consulting Agreement Template because I want to make professional legal protection accessible to every day Australians.

For years, I worked in big law firms on Collins Street in Melbourne and it struck me as unfair that only the rich could access our services. 

Legal Aid only helps people with criminal matters and the Australian Government doesn't provide any support to small business for their commercial legal matters.

Partners in big law firms charge upwards of $650 per hour and even junior lawyers and smaller law firms aren't affordable for the average Australian.

In fact, before I started Legal Zebra I used to charge my clients a minimum of $1,200 to prepare a Consulting Agreement. 

However, I want you to have access to the Legal Zebra Consulting Agreement even if you're on a budget or just getting started with your business.

To make sure you get maximum value, when you buy the Legal Zebra Template, I will give you both a Microsoft Word version and an Interactive PDF version. You can use the Word version if you want to easily make your own changes.

So, I am going to give you lifetime access to this unique Consulting Agreement Template bundle for only $47.00.

And, right now for a very limited time I am going to reduce the price even further so it's not $47.00, but only $27.00.

As soon as you pay, you'll get immediate access to a full version of the Template (which is like the Free Sample but with the watermark removed) and I'll also email you a download link with your receipt.

You can then download the Consulting Agreement Template, save it on your computer and it's yours to keep for a lifetime

You can use it for all of your businesses, whenever you need it.

You can make unlimited changes free of charge. Unlike other online legal services, Legal Zebra doesn't charge you to make changes or updates to your Consulting Agreement.

And, the best part is you'll save time and money because you won't need a lawyer to write your Consulting Agreement.

Can you imagine a #WorldWithoutLawyers?

Your Helpful Lawyer, Shanti Rubens [Image]

Let's dance. Let's make it happen!



Consulting Agreement in Word Format

Plus bonus Interactive PDF Consulting Agreement

Tips, Instructions & Examples

​I'm going to outline some more information below, to help you write your Consulting Agreement without a lawyer.

And, I'm going to take my tie off (so to speak) by doing away with the legal gumpf and giving it to you the Legal Zebra way:

... in simple terms

... in black & white!


A Consulting Agreement (or Independent Contractor Agreement) is a legal contract that sets out the terms on which someone is engaged to perform work independently rather than as an employee. 

A consultant or independent contractor is not entitled to employee benefits such as annual leave and sick leave so businesses often find it simpler to engage them on this basis and pay a single fee to the contractor/consultant which covers all of the costs for their services. 


If you are a contractor, you should put an Independent Contractor Agreement in black & white and ask your client to sign it. It will help you get paid and protect your rights.

Likewise, if you’re hiring a contractor/consultant rather an employee, make sure you get the contract in writing.

A written Consulting Agreement that's in black & white and clearly states the responsibilities of each party will minimise the risk of disputes. And, help you get on with business... avoid lawyers... and stay out of Court. 


This Consulting Agreement Template can be used for most service providers such as web developers, writers, salespeople and other people who charge for their time.

You can use this Template to put a basic legally binding Consulting Agreement in place, instantly.

The Legal Zebra Consulting Agreement Template is up to date and suitable for use in all States and Territories of Australia including New South Wales (NSW), Victoria (Vic), Queensland (Qld), South Australia (SA), Australian Capital Territory (ACT), Western Australia (WA), South Australia (SA), Northern Territory (NT), sorry have I missed anything (?). Oh, that's right, and Tasmania (Tas).

Many people outside Australia also use this Consulting Agreement Template because it's so well drafted and easy to use.

If your Consulting Agreement is complex, or the transaction has substantial value, you should seek personalised advice from a lawyer and accountant.

Here are some examples of when to use Legal Zebra's Consulting Agreement Template...


I am employing a guy to do some work on our website. I want to make it clear that we will own the intellectual property and he will keep our customer list confidential.


As a Writer, I need a simple agreement with my clients setting out my charges, payment terms, etc.


I get hired to do occasional photo shoots. I work as an independent contractor and want a simple booking agreement that spells out my duties and ensures I get paid.


Legal Zebra is an easy to use and friendly service that provides straight forward information for legal documents.

The samples they provide really give you an indication of the quality of information being provided.

The purchase process was simple and quick and is emailed immediately.

I contacted Shanti for some additional help and he was very friendly and helpful.

I would definitely be recommending this service to my friends and family and using this website again in the near future.

Amy Higgins Director and 3D Designer


Complete your Consulting Agreement in three easy steps.


After you download the template, simply enter the details.


The easy to follow guides in the right panel of the legal template tell you how to fill it in. You don't need to show these in the print out.


Sign and date the document to create a legally binding Consulting Agreement. Signing instructions are included in the document.

Works on Windows

Works on Mac

Interactive PDF

Word Document

Agreement for Consulting Services Doc No 6464 FORM_Page_1


Watch how easy it is to fill in your Independent Contractor (Consulting) Agreement.


Being a solicitor originally, I can appreciate it when documents are clear and user friendly, especially very important, complex legal agreements.

This is a very well thought out agreement and, like all of Legal Zebra’s documents, it's great for everyday people and the legally trained alike.

Highly recommended.

Mathew Care Director, Digital Classifieds Group


Legal Zebra's Australian Consulting Agreement Template includes these important provisions:


You can include the details of the Service Provider, either a company or an individual, and also the name(s) of the Individual Service Provider who will actually do the work.


Specify the services, when and where they will be provided and how much they will cost.


State when the services are to be paid for. For example, 30 days after the invoice.


Service Provider assigns intellectual property to the Service Recipient. This means if you hire someone, you will own the rights in the material they develop for you.


The Service Provider is an independent contractor (not an employee) and therefore responsible for paying all taxes, superannuation and workers’ compensation.


You can add to or vary the standard Agreement Terms with your own special conditions or changes to the agreement.


Easy to follow tips and examples to help complete your Consulting Agreement Template with confidence.



What's the difference between a Consultant and an Independent Contractor?

Are there any other Agreements that my company requires in addition to a Consulting Agreement?

Can this Consulting Agreement Template be used by both Consultants and companies hiring them?

Do Consultants need to pay their own tax?


Can I download the Template instantly after I pay?

Can I pay with PayPal, MasterCard, Visa or Amex?

Will you process my payment safely and securely through the internet?


Can I make changes to the document free of charge?

Can I contact Legal Zebra for help if I get stuck?

Are documents created with Legal Zebra enforceable in Court?

Can I get a refund if I'm not happy with my purchase?


A revelation! The gold standard in simple, secure, legal documentation. So pleased I will never have to go back to exorbitant fees and haughty service.

Guy Taylor Director, Tourism Tasmania


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Consulting Agreement Template
Average rating:  
 9 reviews
by Samreid on Consulting Agreement Template

The Shareholder's Agreement Template was very easy to use and suited my needs perfectly. Shanti helped me out when I needed clarification, and the Deed of Adherence and Consultancy Agreement documents were great as well.

Thanks Sam

by Ryan B. on Consulting Agreement Template

The consulting agreement template is great for startups and Shanti has gone and above an beyond to assist.
Highly recommended service.

Many thanks for your review Ryan. I'm glad you like our Legal Templates.

by Emma M on Consulting Agreement Template

A fantastic resource for freelance consulting. I have been blown away with the legal zebra experience. Everything is so simple to use and implement. The consulting agreement has taken my communications consulting business to a whole new professional level without having to hire a lawyer! I highly recommend this product.

Emma, I'm so happy to hear the Consulting Agreement Template has made your life as a freelancer easier! That's what I was hoping to achieve with the document. Cheers, Shanti.

by Emma H. on Consulting Agreement Template

Thanks Shanti! I was really happy with the template - easy to understand for a non-legal person, and I really liked the modern clean format which was miles better than others I'd looked at.  It was easy to fill in and I've now got my first client signed up so thank you!  The only bit I had to add was an indemnity statement and to show the professional and public liability insurance I have.  I was wondering why there wasn't some kind of indemnity clause in the section at the back? But perhaps that's because everyone is different.  Anyway, thank you so much and I will definitely use your site again if I need further templates.

Thanks Emma. I have not included an indemnity in the Consulting Agreement as a party will often resist giving an indemnity and it may make it more difficult to negotiate the contract with the consultant. You can however add in an indemnity clause. For example, you could put this in the Additional Terms section of the PDF template or add another clause in the main body of the document if you are using the Word version of the Consulting Agreement. Thanks for your feedback.Mr Shanti Rubens

by Jordan L on Consulting Agreement Template

When it came to writing quotes, Sending letter with my official letterhead, ACN so on and so forth I felt very, very vulnerable… After 3 quotes from solicitors all over the $1000 mark and the job I needed it for was not even 1/3rd of the price I ALMOST was going to wing it by looking at quotes and Invoices from the past from many different type of industry. Even calling a company as a fake client requesting exactly what my client was. Endless research, Calls and hitting brick wall after brick wall I stumbled across Legal Zebra. It was literally like a weight lifted off my shoulders. I felt like I could get on with what I do best and not worry about stepping in the wrong spot or excuse the French, Shitting in my own nest. I would without a doubt recommend any business who is worried about this type of thing. Not just my situation of business start-up I could imagine it would benefit even the most experienced of business owners (unless they are a legal firm… or cops). Thank you Zebra, Thank you, Thank you, and Thank you. Jordan from 4:20 Floors.

by Sean N. on Consulting Agreement Template

The consulting agreement was easily to fill out and straight forward to use. I am really grateful this is in straight forward english which I can understand and simple to fill out. Thanks - you saved me time and money!

Sean, thanks for reviewing the Agreement for Consulting Services / Independent Contractor Agreement Template.

by Peter R. on Consulting Agreement Template

Excellent form, just what I needed.

Thanks, glad you like the contractor agreement template.

by Anneli K. on Consulting Agreement Template

Great consulting contract - I highly recommend

by Nina H. on Consulting Agreement Template

Speedy service and fantastic one-on-one advice that was specific to my industry. Shanti has created a document that works for all areas of my consulting work. I'm rapt with the outcome.