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How to Make a Will in Australia

How to write a Will with gifts to your loved ones

HOW TO MAKE A WILL IN AUSTRALIAThis is a step-by-step, mumbo-jumbo-free guide to writing a legal Will—without anxiety By Mr Shanti Rubens, B Com LLB Australian Barrister & Solicitor Stick with me and I’ll break down exactly what you need to do to write a legally binding Australian Will that will leave your family saying….”Thanks grandma/grandpa, […]

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Funeral Songs: The essential guide to rockin’ out at your own funeral!

FUNERAL SONGS: THE ESSENTIAL GUIDE TO ROCKIN’ OUT AT YOUR OWN FUNERAL Somewhere over the Rainbow by Israel “IZ” KamakawiwoʻoleEver thought of giving your funeral a personalised pop by specifying your send-off song? Well now you can … go out with a bang … or perhaps just a memorable guitar solo!I hope you laugh and cry when […]

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Keeping Minutes of Your Company’s Board Meetings – Let’s get acquainted!

minutes of meeting template blog imagea_zebra_climbing_a_tree

Keeping Minutes of Your Company’s Board Meetings Let’s get acquainted!Every company and trust must take minutes of meetings at least once a year. It’s not only a part of good corporate governance, it’s a legal requirement.Company’s duty to keep Minutes of MeetingsCompanies have a duty (under section 251A of the Corporations Act 2001) to record […]

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Top 5 Ways to Protect Your Intellectual Property


TOP 5 WAYS TO PROTECT YOUR INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY Business owners often come up with great ideas or make great products but don’t know how to get a competitive edge and stop others taking advantage of their blood, sweat and tears.We give you 5 tips for protecting your intellectual property (“IP”) and business ideas that you […]

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The Australian Post Office Will Kit is Dead!

THE AUSTRALIA POST WILL KIT IS DEAD! Long live the Will Kit!Most people think that to draft a binding legal Will you need to visit a stuffy lawyer’s office, and that’s simply not true.If your legal affairs are not overly complicated you can draft your own Will provided that you follow the required format and […]

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